Browning Grass


Here are a few photos updating you on the lovely growing necklace.  It's still lively and green but there are a few dried shoots.  I gave it a little trim where it had started to brown at the tips and it seems to have grown a little more.    

I've discovered that Instagram is one of the best ways to network.  I'm not in touch with my friends as much as I follow businesses and various bloggers.  It's a great way to find like minded people.  I've got in touch with many local artists and Etsy shop owners by doing what I love to do which is to photograph anything that catches my eye, warms my heart, and makes my day.  These photos I take constantly would just sit on my iphone and now they are a collection that can be shared with the world.  Here is a great example of a post on Diablo Magazine's Blog.  They look for #eastbay Instagramers and share their photos.  Diablo Mag.  shared a photo of mine I had taken at a yummy restaurant in Berkeley on my birthday called Jupiter.  This is a perfect way to promote local businesses and get the community involved.  So fun!
I just got back from a mini vacation with my family and I have another update for you.  The necklace is growing out of control. It's so lovely and wild!  Every time I go out wearing the necklace people walk over to ask what it is, take a closer look, and of course touch it to see if the grass is real.  The grass pod fits snug as a bug so it has not slipped out and I never feel any moisture even wearing it directly after watering.  It is perfectly designed.  While I was in southern California I made sure to take plenty of photos of my family wearing this beautiful necklace. 
Growing Necklace styled with my Moss Ring